Welcome to Harvest Moon, a place where the creatures and landscapes of my imagination take form and meet the world. Nestled in beneath the wild craggy tors of Dartmoor inspiration comes on chilly winds from moonlit landscapes of other realms which share this rugged, ancient land of gorse and granite. Living here I sometimes feel on a bridge between worlds and ages as the land speaks from spluttering streams and wind-beaten tors, telling stories of folk and beast, but only in snatches before the endings are whipped away down the valley with the broad river and out to sea. So here I will share these stories and characters and they can dwell in your own imagination, continuing their stories with infinite outcomes. This is how they live, enjoy them!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Where's the food?

Hello! Welcome to Harvest Moon if this is your first visit, and welcome back to the regulars!

If you have found us via google, after browsing through a certain cook book, or are looking for a permaculture course perhaps, you may be wondering what these strange doodlings have to do with anything. Well, when I'm not writing recipes, or growing odd vegetables, or teaching permaculture, or running a small holding, or being a mother....I like to pick up a pencil......which is why this poor abandoned blog hasn't been posted on for a while!

If you are looking for something more forest-gardeny or foody-growy-permaculturish, try my new blog and website Think.Grow. Eat. Here I will share our experiences here at Tawny Oaks, our experiments in the kitchen and other escapades, and I would like to invite you to contribute recipes and growing tips too. So come and see what we're up to, after you've perused the pictures here.