Welcome to Harvest Moon, a place where the creatures and landscapes of my imagination take form and meet the world. Nestled in beneath the wild craggy tors of Dartmoor inspiration comes on chilly winds from moonlit landscapes of other realms which share this rugged, ancient land of gorse and granite. Living here I sometimes feel on a bridge between worlds and ages as the land speaks from spluttering streams and wind-beaten tors, telling stories of folk and beast, but only in snatches before the endings are whipped away down the valley with the broad river and out to sea. So here I will share these stories and characters and they can dwell in your own imagination, continuing their stories with infinite outcomes. This is how they live, enjoy them!

Friday, 30 November 2012


so, after 9 very long months that have lasted forever and yet swooped past in an instant, we are here! All we have to do now is wait a little longer until our little bean decides its time to emerge. It's hard not to feel impatient to meet our little creation, but at the same time we now have time and space with one another which we know is very precious indeed! So we are enjoying this quiet before the storm, enjoying one another as we are now, just Doug and Cari, and enjoying my belly in full bloom before it bears its fruit.

It may be a little time, dear readers, before I post again! I will endeavour to introduce you to the bean as soon as it feels possible, but until then I want to thank you for the time you take to read my ramblings and ponderings, and the delightful comments you send - it is such a pleasure!


  1. Well I was wondering if he/she had arrived - possibly a little reluctant to pop out from the warm into this bitter weather. Hope all goes well and enjoy your last few days as Doug and Cari! Karen x

  2. Hope all goes well and enjoy every second of the birth... Can't wait to see the first pics...Enjoy the quiet time you two...LOL