Welcome to Harvest Moon, a place where the creatures and landscapes of my imagination take form and meet the world. Nestled in beneath the wild craggy tors of Dartmoor inspiration comes on chilly winds from moonlit landscapes of other realms which share this rugged, ancient land of gorse and granite. Living here I sometimes feel on a bridge between worlds and ages as the land speaks from spluttering streams and wind-beaten tors, telling stories of folk and beast, but only in snatches before the endings are whipped away down the valley with the broad river and out to sea. So here I will share these stories and characters and they can dwell in your own imagination, continuing their stories with infinite outcomes. This is how they live, enjoy them!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

...and now its official!

I have been a little distracted recently and have neglected both my sketch books and my keyboard. Life has been rather busy what with one thing and another.....there's the ongoing renovations to our house that we are plodding away at between gardening jobs and permaculture teaching and the busyiness of life....then there's been the small matter of a wedding.

On saturday we had 7 score friends and relatives join us in celebrating our marriage. We held a beautiful handfasting ceremony in a magical nook of Dartmoor, and had our hands tied with coloured ribbons representing the four elements, blessing our union with their wisdom. We then returned from the chilly moor and settled into our garden to enjoy devonshire cream teas (tea, scones, jam and clotted cream), followed by a feast of venison stew and some traditional scottish ceilidh dancing. The whole event was made by many hands, stitched with many threads, weaved together to make a beautiful whole. We had so much help to make our special day more special than we could have hoped. It is amazing what can be created when the motivation is love.

My memories are hazy, it was a wonderful whirling blur, but a few magical moments stand out.

Standing on the moor with our hands tied togther, having obliged the crowd with the fairy-tale kiss, and being surrounded by the sound of whoops and cheers, and the sight of smiling, beaming familiar faces.

Emerging from the marqee for the first time after dark to see that fairies had woven strings of lights through the apple trees, tea lights in jars wound through the garden lighting the paths and the maple tree was illuminated from below, its splendid crown bathed in pink.

On the sunday we had a barbeque so we could really spend time with people who had travelled to join us after the whirlwind of the big day. The sun dutifully emerged and the garden was filled with laughter, chattering and children. At one stage a tall, conical leafy structure which had been built as a decoration came alive - to the delighted squawks of the children - a rustling tree monster chased them making gurgling, growling grumbles, and the children retreated, only to turn and run back towards the tree-beast. This went on for some time to everyone's entertainment. The children would have been entertained for hours, but eventually the tree beastie was silenced as it's operator was drawn out by the smell of sizzling sausages.

We are still reeling from the magic of it all, and are now gathering ourselves to head east for 2 weeks of honeymoon. After the epic tidy-up which a wedding at home involves, I am very much looking forward to letting it all sink in with the sun on my skin and the mediterannean lapping at my toes!

Thank you to all the kind and generous souls who helped to create our wedding, and thank you Dougie for making a honest (and very happy) woman of me.


  1. You both look so happy and what a beautiful distraction,marrying the one you love, I wish you both endless happiness, compassion,joy and prosperity on all levels.....

  2. many congratulations! Sounds like you had a wonderful day :)

  3. Congratulations & what a wonderful magical day you had...I just read about it over at the Hermitage which directed me here to your lovely blog...What a beautiful time you had...the memories of it will never leave...Much happiness to you both..

    Linda :)

  4. Thank you ladies! I so appreciate your warm wishes! We did have a wonderful day and married life, although not too different from pre-married life, feels richer for the commitment we've made and all the confirmation of our witnesses.

    Wishing you all love and happiness in return! x Cari