Welcome to Harvest Moon, a place where the creatures and landscapes of my imagination take form and meet the world. Nestled in beneath the wild craggy tors of Dartmoor inspiration comes on chilly winds from moonlit landscapes of other realms which share this rugged, ancient land of gorse and granite. Living here I sometimes feel on a bridge between worlds and ages as the land speaks from spluttering streams and wind-beaten tors, telling stories of folk and beast, but only in snatches before the endings are whipped away down the valley with the broad river and out to sea. So here I will share these stories and characters and they can dwell in your own imagination, continuing their stories with infinite outcomes. This is how they live, enjoy them!

Friday, 4 February 2011

The hunters' moon rises with the setting sun. Moonlight transforms the spaces we know so well in the sunlight, enchanting them with a new wonder,drawing us away from the warm fire to walk the hills with the deer and stroll through the woods watched closely by the tawny owls....and perhaps other creatures....

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